This hands down has to be one of Why Cooks favourite cuisines. Treat yourself and someone special to amazing Thai dishes. A play of lemongrass, ginger, splash of coconut and obviously a play on beautiful fragrant herbs. We have included some fantastic Thai Soups and Asian curries to keep you warm.

Price includes 3 course meal and wine pairing

Vast amount of people have become more interested in meat-free meals in their diets, creativity and flavour play a huge role in this space. Trick is to keep it fun, easy and tasty.

Question is what is the difference between Vegan and vegetarian?

Vegan/plant-based is all food that don't include meat and any products derived from animals ie: fresh cream, cheese and eggs to name a few.

Vegetarian is all foods except the actual animal flesh ie Chicken, lamb, beef to name a few.

Want to try Vegetarian and vegan dishes, but not quite sure how to make scrumptious delicious meals that are meat free into your meal plan! Come and have an evening of fun with us, as we show you how!

Class includes 3 hands on meals and a vegan wine.