Vast amount of people have become more interested in meat-free meals in their diets, creativity and flavour play a huge role in this space. Trick is to keep it fun, easy and tasty.

Question is what is the difference between Vegan and vegetarian?

Vegan/plant-based is all food that don't include meat and any products derived from animals ie: fresh cream, cheese and eggs to name a few.

Vegetarian is all foods except the actual animal flesh ie Chicken, lamb, beef to name a few.

Want to try Vegetarian and vegan dishes, but not quite sure how to make scrumptious delicious meals that are meat free into your meal plan! Come and have an evening of fun with us, as we show you how!

Class includes 3 hands on meals and a vegan wine.

Lets make this a battle of the dads shall we??? Nothing like a bit of competition to get them all fired up. Let's throw in some meat, heat and some Jameson whisky in the mix and as they say....' May the best dad win!'

Class includes 3 hands on meals, cocktail making with Jameson and a jolly good time!

What's an Italian cooking class without pasta, pizza and of course the wonderful sauces to pair that with.

Let us take you to Italy in our class by getting your hands dirty and making pasta from scratch. This is your chance to enjoy real hands-on cooking to enjoy with a friend.

The class includes 3 hands on meals and a welcome drink.

If you havent heard the word on the street yet.... then where have you been? The Instant Pot is a winter must have. Come learn to make dishes that are literally done in a snap of a finger.

Now is your chance to join Why Cook together with Instant Pot for wonderful cooking experience.

Let's play around with the signature Mediterranean Ingredients from olives, to hummus, to tasty seafood and meatballs. Come join us for a palate trip to the Mediterranean.

Price includes 3 course meal and wine pairing.

Asian cuisine can be very broad but one thing we all love are the crunchy veggies, of the course the noodles and not leaving out the quickness of the meals.

Treat yourself and someone special to amazing Asian dishes from Chinese to Japanese. Come experience our take of this wonderful cuisine and leave inspired to try these quick easy meals at home. We have included some fantastic Asian Soups and stir fry that will take your palate around Asia and back.

The class includes 3 hands on meals and welcome drink

Let us celebrate Women's month in style. More and more female chefs are making a mark in the culinary industry, and what better way to celebrate them in a way that they deserve. Join us as we bring these amazing recipes that are created by these powerful chefs on to a plate. Each dish of the 3 course will be a recipe created by a different African female chef.

Dinner includes 3 course meal with a wine pairing.

This hands down has to be one of Why Cooks favourite cuisines. Treat yourself and someone special to amazing Thai dishes. A play of lemongrass, ginger, splash of coconut and obviously a play on beautiful fragrant herbs. We have included some fantastic Thai Soups and Asian curries to keep you warm.

Price includes 3 course meal and wine pairing